getting perspective.

my favourite thing of all about flying is the take off.  the moment when trees and grass, cars and roads suddenly become like toys in some vast, perfect game blows my mind every time.  to think that we each are so small in this world.. that to the people in the planes, way up high, i am an ant. and yet i have been given so much in this world, with so much responsibility, that sometimes this little life seems so huge and overwhelming. but to realise again, that i am small. it is a good reminder.

the flight today from auckland to christchurch was absolutely stunning. i was on the wrong side of the plane to be able to see any signs of tongariro’s eruption, but i was still treated to sights of snow capped mountains and cotton wool clouds hovering still with the sun having not had a chance yet to herd them off.  it’s cold down here but i suppose i need to get used to it given the temperatures i’m to experience in the coming months…

at this time in two weeks my first flight will just about be in melbourne.
i loved how tiny the smoke from this factory’s chimney looked from above.

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