this house is a home.

i moved out of my flat last week and now that i’ve gone it has made me realize how good i had it. sharing a room was a lesson in being considerate of someone else & also in making time to be by myself. a house of seven people meant our nightly dinners around the table were full of yarns & laughs. at the very beginning of the year i had the studio lights at home one weekend to shoot an assignment & managed to convince everyone to come in for a flat family portrait (in style).  the results were pretty great… one of them hung on our wall at a0 size. i made a little video in my last week there to remember the layout of the house etc… but also to finally do something with all of the photos i had on my ipod from around the flat. enjoy the following! (the music is “All My Friends” by LCD Soundsystem – a band i recently got into after seeing a documentary about them at the Film Festival).

(click on the photo below to go to the video)

the mighty flat on vimeo - Rachel Walker.

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