finally today the sky gave us a break from the constant rain that’s pummeled the south island for the last few days! (& i hear auckland’s been getting some sunshine…) there was a lot of flooding when we visited christchurch two days ago to visit my nana in her new rest home.  in her room she has a beautiful framed photo from her wedding day, one which i’d never seen.  back in those days they visited a studio for their photographs, with backdrops and all, so it was interesting to see them.  i suppose they were reminiscent of the royals, the indoor, seated portraits especially. it definitely has its advantages, but i still love the creativity of modern wedding photography!

^heading over the rakaia bridge, the longest in new zealand at 1.8km^a new water feature for the old folks thanks to all of the rain 

this time next week i’ll be on my second plane of three in the journey to Germany &  i will have just about arrived in dubai… it all still seems a bit unreal, but in six days time it’s all on!

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