in Deutschland.

well i made it to Germany! i feel like i’m living in a movie at the moment. the doorbell just rung. i opened the door and the neighbour across from me opened his door too, spoke something in German in amongst of which i heard “postman”.  a man walked up the stairs holding a package, smelling of smoke and mumbling something about “fraulein ___”. i look at the postman, then back at the neighbour, trying to vibe whether or not this package is for one of my flatmates. thankfully above me i hear a woman call out to the postman and he heads up the next flight of stairs with a “danke shon”.  it’s so bizarre not being able to understand…

the journey here was extremely long and i didn’t sleep as well as i’d hoped to. it took about 38 hours, flying auckland-melbourne-kuala lumpur-dubai-frankfurt and then i caught a train to essen. i arrived in the nighttime so yesterday, my first full day here, was a real eye opener. i ventured out to the supermarket where i tried to decipher products by their pictures only… i’ve just had to type out the back of a pasta packet into google translate to know what i needed to add/how to cook it! in the afternoon one of my flatmates took me to see a friend of hers spraying some grafitti which was pretty cool. we got some pizza, with the man in the shop enquiring (via angelica) if i was from England. at my response of no i’m from new zealand, he laughed and said ohh new zealand – there are more sheep there than people! while we waited a dubbed over episode of scrubs played on a tv above us. the pizza was good.

i woke up at 4.45am this morning so i’m pretty keen to get over this jet lag. today i’ll explore the central city of essen…

a few photos from the trip:

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