the end of summer.

i’ve been here for just about two weeks now! in the week just been:

-i had my first week of intensive German classes. i’m talking about 9.15-4.15 each day… everyone is exhausted by the end of it. one of my teacher’s English is not so good which keeps us entertained.
this is Folkwang Universität der Künste – the buildings here are incredible… I can’t wait to see this place when it snows.
– i discovered Primark. It’s a six level clothing store here in Essen that sells basically everything pretty cheaply, even fake hair buns from the 90s (i’ve even seen one girl wearing one of those stretchy choker necklace things for real!) and coloured hair wigs (which Ania assured me people only wear for dress ups)..
 -i am loving getting to take the train to uni each day.  we travel through the forest and see little houses with freestanding backyard swimming pools and garden sheds and usually the morning light hits just right for the sun to beam through in that magical way that you see in movies. it is great. from train to uni is a five minute walk in which time I see narrow streets with beautiful old apartments, the florist arranging her display outside, old men riding their bikes in suits and bow ties, a still lake with reflections of the morning sky and i pick up ein kaffee for 1€ from the espresso bar opposite the uni. the man who works there has this tiny puppy that we see sometimes, and yesterday at the end of class he was sitting on the kerb feeding it from a bottle, the puppy’s paws clasping at the bottle just like a baby would. it was the cutest thing i’ve seen yet. 
-one night for dinner gela & i had beer & bratwurst for dinner. i felt like a true german.
-friday was the last day of summer and also i turned 22. i had a pretty quiet day with German classes for the most part. it rained, making my first birthday in the summertime feel more like the last day of winter! my flatmate made me a cake & gifted me a special edition bottle of Becks haha. i also ate this schnitzel in a bun, random but kind of the most ingenious concoction ever, it tastes so good.

-on Saturday i checked out Essen Original, a festival that happens each year with street performers, multiple stages etc. I saw some pretty hilariously German acts, including a German ABBA cover (watch it here), some Germans doing a few items from the Rocky Horror show, a crazy, slightly scary looking manwoman ripping it up on a drumkit, and i tried my first ever nutella crepe… mmmm…

it’s been a mixed time so far settling into life in a different culture, different language… but alles ist gut! once my german is a bit better i’ll be better off 🙂 i’ve been looking at flights to all sorts of places in europe, and it’s so cheap it’s not even funny…

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