on tuesday i took my first trip to cologne to see coldplay at the rheinenergie stadium. i took the train from here in essen to the main station in cologne, where the view of the towering cathedral greeted me as i walked out of the main doors. i stood in awe for a solid five minutes, taking in its massiveness (as well as the whistling tunes of a busker nearby). i can’t wait to go back to cologne again & explore. coldplay were awesome. i managed to get in front row position at the end of the main middle runway stage, so for a good number of songs they were literally playing right in front of me! the opening songs were my favourite as they were when all the confetti came, the giant balloons, fireworks etc etc. so i can now tick seeing coldplay off my bands to see live list! in the next few months maybe i will see grizzly bear, the black keys, michael kiwanuka, the civil wars & two door cinema club, as they are all coming to do shows nearby. below are a few crappy ipod pictures from tuesday…

out the window of the train
cologne cathedral / köln dom

inside cologne cathedral / köln dom

xylo band.
the signs were all in german at the show, so i didn’t know what this actually meant until i got home and translated it haha.
view from where i stood at coldplay.
so many giant balloons! (which subsequently were popped by the security guys right in front of us)
playing princess of china.
chris martin on piano.

tomorrow i go to amsterdam! the forecast is for sunshine hooray! 🙂









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