the city of canals.

i can’t recommend highly enough that you visit amsterdam, it really is such a lively & beautiful place.

first sights of a tree-lined canal through the train window.
it was foggy arriving in the netherlands but by the time we arrived in amsterdam it was blue skies & hot.
cute holland houses out the train window.
the building at amsterdam centraal.

i visited FOAM gallery and saw this collection of work by alex prager.
my favourite of them all.

the queue to enter Anne Frank’s house. thankfully i’d bought my ticket at the info center earlier, so saved myself an hour or so of queuing.
maybe i should make a postcard…
there were so many people casually out on boats for the afternoon – bbqs, parties etc.
this washing line was the last thing i expected to see on the canal!
bikes everywhere!

seven bridges in a row.

this man looked like a pirate.
a three-storied bike carpark… only in the netherlands i’m sure.

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