baldeneysee + villa hügel.

last week i visited the baldeneysee for the first time, in the pitch black of darkness, with the warm, damp smell that only ever happens just as it’s about to rain. once my eyes had adjusted i was able to appreciate the beauty of where i found myself. the water was still and the lights from the other side of the lake reflected themselves on the water. there were people sitting at the water’s edge on the floating docks, appreciating the warm evening and one another’s company. i took a couple of blurry photos just as raindrops began to fall. a few days later we returned, this time in the day, and i experienced this place in a whole other way – watching sailboats in a race and eating bratwursts in brötchen.

that day we also visited villa hügel, an incredibly huge, old mansion here in Essen. i’d never experienced anything like it, but it gave me a little insight into how i imagine the queen lives! (but really, who needs so many rooms? and books that i’m sure have never and will never be read?)

below are some photographs of the things i saw.


blurry reflections on the baldeneysee.

heading towards the entrance of villa hügel.
green as.

this was my favourite room, it looked like something straight out of a movie.

amazing artwork all over the place.
seats all set up for a concert that evening.
alfred krupp statue in the window.
painted ceilings.
the view from behind the stage.

alfred krupp statue outside.
mini models of ships on display.


i liked this.

real life mole holes!!! like whack-a-mole in the flesh, except apparently their hearing is so good that they go back down when you’re around. it reminded me of my childhood & the wind in the willows.
and this time, seeing the baldeneysee in the daylight.
i just can’t get enough of the cute german houses.

on friday i’m heading to cologne to check out 2012 PHOTOKINA which i am pumped for. and then next friday all of my teenage dreams will come true at once when i visit paris…!

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