paris, je t’aime.

it really does feel like last weekend was a dream. the week or two earlier the forecast had been for rain, so its steady improvement to sixteen degrees and sunshine for the entire three days we were there had me even more excited. the entire time was a dream come true for me, and i finally got to experience all the things I’d heard of and seen pictures of. at night time i’d drift off to sleep remembering the events of the day & listening to yann tiersen/beirut/n*ggas in paris/all of my favourite french inspired music. j’ai parlé français (ou les choses que je pourrai remember…), ate fresh baguette and pain au chocolat.  we cracked crème brûlée with our teaspoons in Le Café des Deux Moulins (from the film Amélie). i saw all of the main touristy places (Eiffel Tower, L’Arc de Triomphe, Champs-Élysées, Louvre etc), but also got to eat in a wonderful French restaurant and I even got to buy a French copy of Le Petit Prince in a Parisian bookstore too. at the eiffel tower i tried to recreate this famous photograph – (see below for my attempt)
made possible by a lovely couple who lent me their umbrella and another couple who happened to be standing to the right in the photo, just like in the original! the weather could not have been nicer but my stay certainly could’ve been longer. but given it’s only a five hour ride in the car away, maybe I’ll be back! i could write all day about Paris, but I’ll let the photos speak for me. oh, & watch the stop motion i made! it goes a bit too quick for my liking & the music’s a little bit intense, but you get the picture :).

Le Café des Deux Moulins, from Amélie – Rue Lepic, Montmartre.
cracking the crème brûlée.
the cutest little old lady i’ve ever seen, out the side of the little bus tour we did around Montmartre.
view of the sacré-coeur.

this was my first ever view of the eiffel tower. it was so crazy to finally see it sticking out above the rest of paris!

we saw the notre-dame cathedral all lit up at night time. the gargoyles all over the outside reminded me of the cartoon gargoyles ( stone by day, warriors by night!
the view from the first level of the Eiffel Tower.
café et pain au chocolat at the cafe inside the eiffel tower.

my attempt…
l’arc de triomphe visible at the end of the champs-élysées.

view out of our window at the hostel we stayed at.
my view of people enjoying the sunshine from aboard a boat on the seine.
pretty belgium countryside on the drive back home.

and here’s the link to the paris stopmotion (click on the picture below to go to it..)


  • Rach. This is incredible! Loving following your journey on here, it looks like you’re having the time of your life! Dreaming of Paris… Gros Bisous xxx

  • Rach. This is incredible! Love following your travels on here and it looks like you’re having the time of your life! I’m dreaming of Paris… Gros Bisous xxx

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