it was over two weeks ago now that I headed to cologne with a fellow photography student to check out Photokina. it is basically a super massive convention for photographers of all sorts to browse through the latest and greatest cameras, lenses etc. in my opinion it was more of a show off fest… but in saying that I did still enjoy getting to see the kinds of cameras that I will (hopefully) one day be privileged enough to get to use. one of the items to land itself on my wish list was the new fuji xf1… it’s small, looks great and the shutter is so quiet which I like a lot. it shoots raw format too. maybe one day…

one of my favourite parts of the whole festival though was not even camera related. for some reason there was some sort of bird club there and they’d brought along the most adorable owls (see photo below). i also saw for the very first time a few American bald eagles. very cool.

there were many exhibitions of photographs at Photokina, and it was my first time to see a real life Gursky photograph. it was huge, and part of his series “Bangkok”. I’m looking forward to going to Düsseldorf soon to go and see the new exhibitions of his works that just recently opened. but anyway, at Photokina i also saw some photographs by Ryan McGinley, Stephen Shore, Elliot Erwitt, Nan Goldin etc. it was great.

this man was getting a caricature of himself done by another man on a swanky new samsung tablet, very nice (& also quite accurate i thought).
they had models all over the place too for photogs to try out their new lenses i suppose, whatever the reason, i thought it was quite hilarious to watch everyone.

Fuji XF1Ryan McGinley at Photokina

bald eagle! they were shackled & chained up though..
the owls i was talking about, how cute are they! i could watch their little swiveling heads all day long.


nz on the globe at photokina (does every kiwi feels as instantly patriotic as i did when i arrived on foreign soil?!?)
a Gursky in the flesh.

Elliot Erwitt.
student work at photokina.


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