autumn in essen.

so i find myself for the second time this year well in the midst of autumn, with its plentiful rain and beautiful colours. essen is actually quite a nice looking place at this time of year i think, it’s DEFINITELY colder… i don’t know if i’m quite prepared for what winter has in store. here in essen they really get into celebrating the season it seems, i feel like it’s America or something with the amount of pumpkin pictures and autumn themed shop windows i’ve seen. i’ve found a favourite spot in the woods to go for runs/bike rides not far from my house and the smell of the trees and leaves is so intense, especially just after it’s rained. it’s quite something.

yesterday i was riding around a part of essen i hadn’t yet explored when one of the most unexpected and hilarious things happened. riding on the right hand side of the road, i heard behind me a slight stirring noise. the noise gets louder as it approaches and i stick to the kerb to make sure i don’t get pummeled by what i believe to be a tram.  i look to my left as it speeds by me and am utterly stunned to see an old man in his 80s i’d say zooming past me, on the road, in his mobility scooter!! i’ve never seen anything like it, i was cracking up in disbelief for a good wee while, and i tried to get a quick photo to prove that i hadn’t just imagined what had just happened. what you see below is said man in mobility scooter miles ahead of me… go opa!

i need to stop being lazy and take my camera out instead of relying on my crappy ipod camera. sorry bout the quality!

hooray for my new ukulele and no internet at my house which means lots of time to practice…
nothing quite like the sound of biking through piles of crunchy leaves…

most delicious dinner ever – pumpkin, apple, onion, appelsaft, paprika… you have to taste it to believe it!

we get some pretty awesome sunsets round this side of the world.
this man i see around often and every time am taken by his craaazy hair & crocodile skin shoes.



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  • Oh, Essen… I am still convinced I left my heart there. I am so in love with that part of Germany!
    Very nice pictures!

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