munich : neuschwanstein castle.

so i am back in Essen after an awesome weekend exploring a bit of southern germany! i’m sad to see there’s no snow here but i will remain hopeful until the day that i pull back my curtains to see snow laden trees and streets. nevertheless it’s still flipping cold here! according to my flatmate though “there’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing”. i think i need to buy a few more things before winter really hits…

our mitfahrgelegenheit ride on the way to munich on friday afternoon was a little crazy. moments after he’d nearly veered into the road barrier, our driver asked kaleigh to watch the road and hold the wheel while we drove at 150km/h (and that’s the slow lane by the way…) so he could check his whatsapp! so crazy. i think we were all thankful to arrive there safely!! we got to our hostel around 10pm and went to a little italian restaurant themed with a cave like interior. it was cheap, good and we ended up going back the next night too. i fell asleep sometime after 1am and woke to my alarm around 6.30am ready to set off on our big adventure to neuschwanstein castle! i was more than a little excited about the highly likely chance of seeing snow that day…

we took a two hour train from münchen, arriving in the charming little village of füssen. we decided to walk the 5km from füssen to hohenschwangau (where the castles are) to take in a bit more of the scenery, in which time we saw the water in one of the photos below – the most brilliantly blue/green colour i’ve ever seen! by the time we arrived my socks and shoes were already completely soaked through but luckily i had another pair of socks with me to swap into! kaleigh was not so lucky, but later that day a kind german lady helped her to wrap her feet in toilet paper before putting her boots back on. when it’s snowing outside and negative whoknowshowmany degrees outside anything is better than soaked socks!

the walk up to schloß neuschwanstein itself was pretty beautiful too. the ascent saw us steadily gain a better view of the valleys and autumn colours below. maybe five minutes away from the top kaleigh and nick pointed out that the rain was getting a little lighter and whiter… a sure sign snow was on its way! sleet followed for a few more minutes, and as we waited for our entry time to the castle, the snow truly began! the tour was shorter than i anticipated but we saw five incredible rooms of the castle and those five rooms were enough to see how magnificent the castle would’ve been if ol’ king ludwig had been around to fully complete it i’m sure.

we exited the castle and i got amongst my first ever snow fall! it really was the most magical moment and setting. by the time we reached the bridge to get more photos of the castle, the snow had really set in and our view of the castle quickly became obscured by thick clouds of fog/snow. it was pretty cool all the same. a half hour wait for a bus that never showed up due to the snow saw us descend the hill by foot once more, so we quickly headed into the hotel restaurant there to warm up a bit. i ate a bavarian pork roast with these strange textured potato things, es war lecker. we took the bus back to füssen and it was crazy to drive by the route we’d walked earlier, only now it was completely white! when we got back to munich i’m pretty confident i felt the coldest weather i’ve ever felt in my life as the snow continued to fall…

see all the photos below! and i’ll post later about day two in munich 🙂

the tiny town of Füssen.
look at the colour of the water!
kaleigh + nick, my hilarious american travel companions.

first views of a castle! – this is hohenschwangau castle where king ludwig was brought up.

a carpet of autumn leaves…
and there she was! neuschwanstein castle in all it’s beauty (+ a few scaffolds…)

hohenschwangau castle.
quite fitting that you could make your way to the castle by horse + carriage!


king ludwig.
i was just a little bit excited…

great view of the castle from the bridge haha.

lecker, lecker, lecker.

the end.

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