munich part two: dachau

i’m still not 100% sure how i feel about what i saw when we visited the dachau concentration camp memorial on sunday morning. i knew i didn’t want to leave germany without visiting one of these sites and i am glad i did. but it’s still just so crazy to think about all of the horrific things that went on there less than eighty years ago, and hard to believe that it could actually happen.

the mood was pretty sombre as we walked around the grounds, reading the stories, following the ‘path of the prisoners’ and trying to imagine what it would’ve been like. i think i had five different tops on,  stockings under my jeans, a hat, gloves, scarf, two pairs of socks and shoes. i read of the daily roll call proceedings, where in all weather conditions the prisoners were forced to stand motionless for an hour or more in little more than one layer and maybe shoes, maybe not. as i stood in all my many layers of clothing and the snow fell around me, i found it hard to believe that such torture, and all of the other horrible things that occurred, could be inflicted on innocent human beings. it all just seems so pointless.

i took a few photos – see some below.

perfect snowflakes!

arbeit macht frei – work makes you free… this was the only entry into the camp that all prisoners came through.

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