sweden, bro. part one.

i met up with kaleigh at lunchtime on Friday, ready for us to set off on our trip to sweden! it was to be my first flight since arriving here in Germany, and i was very excited to get to see a bit of sweden. we’d booked with ryanair for something ridiculous like 24 euros each way (when travel is that cheap, especially being from nz, it’s hard to justify not going…). all was well until we were in the queue to board and a guy began walking through the line checking off people’s boarding passes and putting a cardboard cut out of the correct bag dimensions over people’s suitcases! with a 50 euro penalty fee for any bags that are too big, or even being denied access to the flight, it’s quite a nervewracking experience, even when you know your bag is probably ok… the ryanair airports are notoriously out of the way so our total travel time was two hours to the düsseldorf weeze airport, and then another hour and a half bus ride from Stockholm skavsta airport to the actual centre of Stockholm. despite all that, the trip was good and we were greeted at the Bro train station by Caroline, dressed very swedishly in fur hat and long coat! i’d babysat her two adorable boys several times while they were living in NZ which is how i got to know them, and i was stoked to take them up on their generous offer of staying with them.

we arrived to their beautiful home and were quickly filled up by delicious pumpkin soup and Swedish beverages. we then baked some traditional Swedish Christmas bread (with saffron) and ate it around the fire along with mulled wine – very cool. Saturday saw kaleigh and i spend the afternoon with caroline visiting a cute little flohmarkt (like an op shop), a wonderful barn which housed a café/glass blowing space/store for their creations. it was awesome to watch how fluid glass is when it’s heated. we visited another barn with more goods for sale, and arrived back to the house probably around 4pm, by which time it was completely pitch black outside. the sun begins to set around 2pm i’d say – and it will continue to get dark earlier and earlier until the midde of winter! it’s quite a depressing phenomenon actually. that evening we had some good chats over dinner and also made gingerbread men with the kids, with Christmas carols playing in the background which was so nice.

some photos below:

Rachel Walker. Sweden-Bro.01Rachel Walker. Sweden-Bro.02
swedish krona notes, pretty fancy looking.
Rachel Walker. Sweden-Bro.03we drunk mulled wine & ate swedish christmas bread by the fire and lights of the christmas tree.

caroline & henry.
Rachel Walker. Sweden-Bro.07 Rachel Walker. Sweden-Bro.08 Rachel Walker. Sweden-Bro.09

a housing complex in bro.
a housing complex in bro.
inside the flohmarkt we visited.
inside the flohmarkt we visited.

Rachel Walker. Sweden-Bro.12Rachel Walker. Sweden-Bro.13

inside the barn where the glass blowing place was - such an awesome vibe.
inside the barn where the glass blowing place was – such an awesome vibe.

Rachel Walker. Sweden-Bro.16 Rachel Walker. Sweden-Bro.17

the floor was covered in glass too.
the floor was covered in glass too.

Rachel Walker. Sweden-Bro.19

cafe set up at another barn we visited.
cafe set up at another barn we visited.

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