as i enjoy these last couple of weeks of crisp coldness + snow covered footpaths (but eagerly await sunshine + swimming), i’m looking back upon this time + realising that some new seasons come upon you before you ever noticed the last one had finished, some seasons seem to drag on + on, while others come about differently than you’d imagined or dreamed them to be.

my time here in Germany is coming to an end. i’m about to finish my classes at uni, pack up my room, say goodbye (but not forever, i hope) to new friends, to the place that has become so familiar over these last few months. i’ll pack my suitcase once more, board a long flight to a distant land, this time with a few souvenirs + heaps of photos, but mostly with memories, +  before i know it, i’ll be home once more.

i’ve seen more than i ever could’ve hoped, i’ve made friends from foreign lands, learnt a new culture + way of communicating. but i’m not sure i’ll be able to express fully all i’ve experienced in these last few months. my aunty read a verse from ecclesiastes at my nana’s funeral in september, that there is a season for all things, there is a time for everything. i’ll leave here with a thankful heart knowing this to be true. i arrived in the last few weeks of summer, when donning dresses + bare legs was entirely necessary, when the sun didn’t set til 9pm. as i write this it’s pitch black outside, minus eight degrees and there’s snow everywhere…

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