schnitzel in a schnellrestaurant.

having lived above a schnellrestaurant for nearly six months, i thought i’d done pretty well to avoid the place entirely besides the time Carl + i got chips one day. i knew however that before i left germany i wanted to try one of their schnitzels. so on sunday last week susan, clemence + i headed downstairs to get ourselves a feed.

after a few minutes of considering the menu, i opted for the jägerschnitzel mit pommes while susan + clemence decided to go halvsies on their schnitzel.  the man working there spent the next ten minutes preparing our meals + when he brought them over to us, the schnitzel was probably the size of my head + the pile of chips on the side was equally as massive. mine was covered in a mushroom kinda sauce + it was pretttty delicious (though i definitely was not able to finish it!). nothing beats a good schnitzel.

it’s actually pretty cool i think how common the small owner-run schnellrestaurant/imbiss places are here. i’ve been told they’re most common for the Ruhr area where i’m living, but it’s still nice to know places like these are exisiting in a mcdonald’s dominated world. that, and pubs. you can’t walk far without coming across a Kneipe. just in general here, i think it’s cool that locals support local shops, that fresh fruit + veges can be found at the market on the main shopping streets everyday, + i’m definitely going to miss that everything is shut on a sunday..

clemence + susan.
clemence + susan.
jägerschnitzel mit pommes.
jägerschnitzel mit pommes.
ok that plate is definitely bigger than my head...
ok that plate is definitely bigger than my head…

Rachel Walker. Schnitzel in a Schnellrestaurant.04

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  • oh boy, it`s so typically german to put onto a schnitzel such a ugly “tunke”. iiiii

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