i was stoked to get to visit Wuppertal on my last Sunday in Germany. kaleigh’s friend Simon was kind enough to lend his afternoon to us, acting as a very good navigator and tour guide. Wuppertal doesn’t have all that much going for it, though it does boast the world’s oldest monorail, known as the Schwebebahn. basically the train hangs off the rail, rather than sitting on top. it drives above the river too, meaning the views are quite nice and it was comforting for Simon to tell us that only once has it fallen off and into the river (causing five deaths…).  thankfully the train stayed attached our entire ride, and it was a bit of a novelty to feel the train swinging side to side after turning a corner or coming to a stop!

we also came across the Lego bridge that my friend Sarah had shown me on the internet – it took a NZer to find that out, cause even Simon didn’t know it existed. basically an artist has used this bridge as their canvas, painting lego-like bricks onto the concrete. on our walk there it began to snow too, so it was all very cool.

we finished the afternoon warming up in a bar + eating some tiramisu mmm.

Rachel Walker. Wuppertal.01a

the schwebebahn.
the schwebebahn.

Rachel Walker. Wuppertal. 02 Rachel Walker. Wuppertal. 03 Rachel Walker. Wuppertal. 04

a hill covered in little garden plots - places people come to garden in on the weekends.
a hill covered in little garden plots – places people come to garden in on the weekends.

Rachel Walker. Wuppertal. 07

lego bridge in wuppertal.
lego bridge in wuppertal.

Rachel Walker. Wuppertal. 08 Rachel Walker. Wuppertal. 09
and here’s a video of Simon trying to explain to us the meaning of schwebe in Scwebebahn… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A0B8jndyLzA&feature=youtu.be

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