selfie sticks.

Rachel Walker. Selfie Stick. The Twelve Apostles, Great Ocean Road, Australia
i can almost promise you that this is the closest thing to a selfie stick photo that you’ll ever see from me – witnessing those things in action makes me feel uncomfortable in so many ways. of course, it’s 2015 and selfies are at a whole new level these days, but man, some people have it nailed down… pro-like in their dedication to the fine art of the perfect selfie. i even saw someone using a tripod wound out to full extension (i have a photo of it) to try and provide some sort of super high quailty high angled selfie…

despite all the first-class selfie tourism photography action that we saw along the Great Ocean Road (and don’t you worry, i took my fair share of tourist snaps too) there were some beautiful sights to behold along the south eastern coast of australia. i’m vowing to myself (and now you, too) that i’m gonna get this here blog cranking again, i can feel it bubbling beneath my skin… the need to create and share and use the skills i’ve been given – and not just at work.

keep your eyes peeled, it’s gonna be good.

also, i have some work featured in an exhibition coming up as part of the Auckland Festival of Photography! it should be worth a look i reckon.

Auckland Festival of Photography. Unitec Alumni. Snowwhite Gallery, Rachel Walker

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